Review: Bbp’s Breathe Sleeve Cools Your Hot Computer

Review: Bbp’s Breathe Sleeve Cools Your Hot Computer

The newly released Breathe Sleeve has been cleverly designed to let the heat produced by your laptop radiate through the ventilated walls of the sleeve. And heat, as we know, can be very detrimental to the life of our laptop battery.

According to bbp (and they have an independent Lab Test Report to prove it), this design allows your laptop to cool up to 33% faster than similar, unvented neoprene sleeves. Available in black or pink (koudos again for tailoring to the female market, whom bbp claim to be resposible for 40% of their sales) and the usual size increments, namely Small (13’ Mac), medium (15’ Mac) and Large (17’ Mac).

The sleeve also has a pocket on the front for your power pack etc and a USB drive mini-pocket also. Both are made from stretch neoprene which really seems to hold your accessories in place pretty tightly.

Strangely, there is a pocket on the vented side of the sleeve, which when used for a magazine / paper etc immediately blocks the vents, presumably rendering the system useless.

Again, I do wish they’d put handles on these sleeves so they can be carried independently but this seems to be a common factor with a lot of sleeves not just this one. Overall, at a fairly reasonable $34.95, around the same price as a lot of other sleeves, you may as well go for the one that protects your computer at the same time.

Review: Bbp’s Breathe Sleeve Cools Your Hot Computer

Nice laptop sleeve.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Cult of Mac Black Turtleneck rating system:

5: Insanely Great! • 4: Steve Approves • 3: Needs Work • 2: Sugared Water • 1: Dogsh*t frosting

Model: bbp Breathe Sleeve

Company: bbp bags

Requirements:13’, 15’ & 17’ laptops.

List Price: $34.95

Buy Now: The bbp Breathe Sleeve is available from Amazon for $34.95.

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