Undo That Hastily Sent Email When Using Gmail [OS X Tips]

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We’ve all done it, sent that nasty email to a boss, co-worker, spouse. That email that we really wish we hadn’t sent? You know the one.

If only we could go back in time, we could un-send that email and save the hard apology we’ll have to go through.

While Google doesn’t provide a time machine, it does give you a ten second window to rethink your email send. Here’s how to enable it.

Launch your favorite web browser and navigate to Gmail. Find the little gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, and then click on Settings.

Labs Gmail

Over to the right, you’ll see the Labs link. Click there, and then scroll all the way down to “Undo Send.” Click on the Enable radio checkbox.

Enable Undo Send

Now click on Save Changes at the bottom of the Labs page. That’s it! Now when you send an email via the Gmail web interface, you’ll have 10 seconds to rethink your hasty action and undo sending that nastygram.

Undo For Real

Simply click the Undo link that will show up at the top of the Gmail web interface and the email won’t send. Hooray!

  • Canoe112

    Jonny Ive makes a bunch of crap. I really don’t know what the big deal is about him.

  • patrickahles

    WTF? How is this an OS X tip? You mean this won’t work when using a browser on Windows? What a bunch of BS…

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