Mega Jump 2 Trailer Has Us Bouncing For Thursday’s Release



It’s already received a soft launch in New Zealand, but future Mega Jump 2 gamers elsewhere will have to make do with this trailer, ahead of the iOS game sequel’s official launch this Thursday.

According to developers Get Set Games:

Mega Jump 2 features a brand new game engine in which players jump, bounce and boost through beautiful landscapes grabbing coins, collecting tokens and dodging hazards. Get enough tokens and you’ll activate the all-new Mega Mode, blasting the player gloriously through oceans of treasure.

The main improvement Mega Jump 2 makes to the vertical jumping original is that different playable characters now come with their own unique attributes.

As well as this, Mega Jump 2 features hundreds of new level layouts, along with plenty of new enemies and items. Essentially, it’s the fun original — only much bigger and with a ton of user-requested features thrown in.

The game will bounce into the App Store on January 16.

Source: App Advice

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