Does Apple Want You to Have Cut and Paste on the iPhone?


When I was researching material for a long article about third party development programs for the iPhone back in March, one of the most common complaints I heard from users and skeptics alike was leveled at the lack of cut and paste functionality on Apple’s groundbreaking mobile device. In July, Apple spokesman Greg Jowsiak basically said cut and paste was a low priority as far as the company was concerned.

No surprise then, that third party workarounds for the missing tool began to emerge, with one fashioned by student developer Zac White among the more promising. Unfortunately, Apple has placed new roadblocks in the path toward letting you cut and paste text on your iPhone, according to White.

No word yet from Apple on whether cut and paste has been re-prioritized in-house.

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  • Harry

    Apple will drag their heels on this and other functionality which might dilute and challenge their laptop sales — so don’t hold your breath here. They know exactly what they’re doing and they definitely don’t want the iPhone to take business away from the Mac. Expect to see Apple promote many reasons to keep the Mac and the iPhone tethered for a richer experience. This is the reason the iPhone will be no match to smartphones for several years to come.

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