Automatically Upload All Your Mac’s Photos & Video To Google+ Thanks To Auto Backup

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Google+ was not the immediate Facebook-killer that Google wanted it to be, perhaps, but slowly and surely the search giant has been making its social networking service more and more useful to average folk.

That trend continues with the release of Google+ Auto Backup, a new app that will automatically upload images from your computer to Google+, thus storing them in the cloud.

As found bundled in the latest version of Picasa, Google+ Auto Backup is a new app that allows you to pick photos and videos from directories on your hard drive and have them automatically sync to your Google+ account.

In other words, it’s something like Photo Stream, except uploading from your PC to the cloud, and not vice versa. It’s actually pretty swank, auto-syncing an unlimited number of images that are 2048 pixels wide on their longest side, or a finite number of full-res images (albeit at the expense of your Google Drive’s space allotment).

But that’s not all. Not only can the app copy your media from attached storage cards, USB hard drives and similar devices to Google+, but it can also copy it the other way around, syncing all your Google+ photos and videos to your local hard drive. That’s great: an app that not only copies your media to the cloud, where Google can make money off of it, but the other way too.

You can download Google+ Auto Backup through the latest version of Picasa, here.

  • GarionDK

    What a grand idea, it’ll spare Google the trouble of acquiring your private photos through wiretapping. Just send your private photos directly to Google yourself!

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