Need More Screen Space? New Mac Pro Can Drive Six 27-Inch Displays

OWC Mac Pro drives Six Displays

2013 Mac Pro Driving Six 27’ Displays (photo: OWC)

As the new Mac Pro trickles out into people’s hands, lucky owners of the world’s most high tech trash can have started playing with the machine to see what it can do. Over at Other World Computing, they figured that since the 2013 Mac Pro can drive three 4k monitors, it should be able to drive six 27-inch displays at 2560 by 1440 pixels – right?

The verdict? Yes, it can. Shown here is the diminutive dark tower surrounded by six 27-inch displays, radiating and reflecting in all their glory. Pretty slick. Besides serving as the ultimate multi-tasking system, this capability can also help drive things like video walls in museums, sports arenas and other on-location installations. Just remember to leave room for the stack of external hard drives!

Update: I just did the math, and this is equivalent to twenty-one 11-inch MacBook Airs…

  • Turtle Heart

    You people are idiots.

  • yyyau1002

    the new Mac Pro is such a beast!!!! Loving it!

  • indlebe

    What is the spec on the mac pro that’s outputting this? We have a base model mac pro that’s downgrading 3 of 4 27″ WQHD monitors to 1080p because it can’t handle outputting WQHD to all of them. Apple has not been able to resolve this to date.

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