Apple Brings Mail Improvements To Mavericks With OS X 10.9.1 Update


Apple has released its first major update for OS X Mavericks today with OS X Update 10.9.1 that promises to fix many of the Mail issues users have experienced since upgrading to the new OS.

After spending over a month in beta the new update fixes issues with Gmail in OS X Mail if you’re using custom settings. Smart Mailboxes and search are also more reliable in the update and it fixes issues with contact groups not working properly along with improvements to Shared Links in Safari.

The free update is now available for Mac users in the Mac App Store or by check for software updates from your Apple menu.

  • therealpuentes

    Is that the complete list? Just mail related?

  • iPear

    What about fixing Quicktime or making instant preview less laggy (it lags on my new 2013 Retina MacBook Pro and on my 2010 Mac Pro, both hyper threaded quad cores, how can that be?!!) I come from Snow Leopard where everything worked just fine and now I’m kinda dissapointed by what’s meant to be an Upgrade.

  • proppedyret

    I would like to see them fix the “black screen after sleep” problem. After almost every third wake from sleep I have to do a hard restart.

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