Hidden Radio 2 Has Touch Controls, Bigger Bass, Stereo


In our original Hidden Radio review, we said that the little twist-to-open Bluetooth speaker looked great, but sounded a little tinny and lacked any way to control playback and iPhone volume from the unit itself.

These have bother been fixed on the new Hidden Radio 2, but the speaker (and radio) [UPDATE: The Hidden Radio 2 no longer contains a radio] still looks as great as ever.

The new design looks the same on the outside, but inside it’s all new. No more twist-to-open – now you just touch the top and the cover lifts for you. You can also pair a couple of speakers to make a wireless stereo pair – great for watching movies on your iPad.

Connecting can now be done via NFC, too, should you be unlucky enough to own an Android phone.

The most impressive new feature, though, is the touch controls. The top of the Hidden Radio 2 is now a big circle that accepts you gestures: tap to play, pause and skip. Long-press to wake up Siri, and run your finger around the edge in a circular motion to adjust volume

Sound has also been improved, according to John and Vitor, with much better bass and twice the volume. I really can’t wait to test one of these out.

Like the original, this is a Kickstarter campaign and, also like the original, it already blew through its funding goal in the time it took me to get back from vacation. One Hidden Radio will cost you $149, and a pair can be had for $219. Delivery will be in June of next year, so hopefully you have another speaker to keep you going until then.


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