Pelican’s Ruggedized ProGear Vault iPad Air, iPad Mini Cases Come With Nifty Covers


The Pelican ProGear Vault case for the iPad Air.

Unlike LifeProof‘s iPad Air case, Pelican’s new ProGear Vault iPad Air case isn’t waterproof. Also unlike LifeProof’s iPad Air case, the ProGear Vault iPad Air case actually exists, now (since LifeProof’s iPad Air case isn’t here yet, we’re obviously assuming it’ll be as fully waterproof as all the other LifeProof cases).

Another big plus is that the ProGear Vault comes with a Smart Cover-like, aluminum-hinged flap to protect the screen iPad’s screen, a convenience sorely missing from most ruggedized cases; the iPad’s large glass slab of a screen always seems so fragile in hostile environments, and most outdoorsy cases fail to address this in an easy-to-use, practical way. As one might expect, the lid also doubles as a stand.

Both versions — there’s also a version for the iPad Mini of the ProGear Vault case are shock-resistant, and rated to IP-54, which means they’re pretty well sealed against dust, and able to shrug off splashes and hard rain. Pelican says they can even handle “momentary immersion” in water — just don’t get too cocky.

Both the iPad Air and iPad Mini versions are available now (even though Pelican’s website still says “Coming Soon”) at $100 and $80 respectively.


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