Designed For iOS 7, Castro Is The Most Beautiful Podcasting App

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Between Downcast, Instacast and even the official Apple app, there’s no shortage of great podcasting apps on iOS. For one specifically tailored to iOS 7, though, give Castro a try. At the very least, it’s a beautiful piece of work.

Designed specifically for iOS 7 and featuring all of its graphic tricks, including overlays, frosted glass and transparencies, Castro is a fluid stunner to navigate. Not only is it the only podcast app built from the ground-up for iOS 7, but it’s unique in that it runs off of a unique gesture-based interface that makes listening to your favorite podcasts a total joy.

Here’s what you get when you buy Castro:

- Gesture-based interface that puts content front and center.
– Episodes tab makes it easy to find the latest episodes of all your podcasts.
– Full screen themes make podcasts look as good as they sound
– Innovative player controls, optimised for podcast listening.
– Takes advantage of iOS 7′s background features to keep your podcasts fully updated, even when you’re not in the app.
– Automatically downloads new episodes as they are published.
– Instant, clear, notifications when new episodes come out.
– Turn on News Mode to keep only the most recent episode of frequently updated podcasts.
– Fast search.
– Intelligent storage management — you set the size limit and Castro will delete old episodes as necessary to keep within it.
– Supports streaming and offline playback.
– Ability to play episodes without subscribing to the podcast.
– 5 Playback Speeds.

Named after San Francisco’s most wildly flamboyant street, Castro takes after its namesake in being fabulous. You can buy it on the App Store for just $2.99.

  • ElVox

    Unfortunately, it’s got no way to play 2 or more podcasts/episodes in a row…it stops after each one, which makes it almost unusable in a car…they told me they’ll add that (or functional equivalent) in the future, so I have high hopes…but until then, back to instacast I go.

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