In Court, Apple Tries To Squeeze More Blood Out Of Samsung’s Stone


Right now, Apple has over $156 billion in its war chest, prompting investors like Carl Icahn to pretty much riot to try to get at some or all of it.

Compared to $156 billion, $16 million is a drop in the ocean of Apple’s money, an amount so small that Tim Cook wouldn’t think twice to even sign the check. But when it comes to Samsung, Apple’s intellectual property arch rival, Cupertino wants to wring out every drop of money it can.

Apple — who has been pursuing an open-ended legal case against competitor and manufacturing partner Samsung since what feels like time immemorial — has made a filing in the Northern District of California, arguing that since Samsung’s Galaxy series had “intentionally infringed” on Apple’s patents, that the court should award Apple $15.7 million to recover its legal fees, which Cupertino’s lawyers claim is one out of ever four dollars spent on pursuing the matter, and does not include anyone billing less than $100,000, or fees from “Apple’s successful defense against Samsung’s claims.”

This, of course, is in addition to the $929 million in damages Apple has been awarded in the matter.

According to FOSS Patents, the hurdle for recovering legal fees in the U.S. is extraordinarily high, but it does occasionally happen in “exceptional” cases. Samsung was found guilty of violating Apple’s patents in a shocking 26 out of 28 products last year. How much moe exceptional does a case need to get?

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