The PowerPot X Stove Charges Your iPhone or iPad While Heating Your Coffee [Kickstarter]


There are really only two obvious solutions for backpackers to keep electronics charged out in the boonies.

There’s the more conventional route of using a solar-powered battery, like the Joos Orange, or Solio’s line of chargers. Or there’s the less common alternative of using one of an increasing number of stoves that can charge gadgets while heating dinner or water for coffee.

The upcoming newest member of the latter group, the PowerPot X (that “X” is a 10, btw), can even charge an iPad.

Backpacking stoves that also generate power for electronics aren’t new. The BioLite stove is fairly well-known in outdoor circles, and Power Practical, the company behind the PowerPot X, actually introduced its first stove in 2012. But the earlier PowerPot V only produced five watts (as opposed to the X’s 10 watts) — not enough to charge an iPad.

The PowerPot X’s extra power will also charge less power-hungry gadgets more quickly. But the company didn’t just make the new pot more powerful; they also added a power-meter to display exactly how much power is being generated.

Power Practical says the $189 Powerpot X’s 2.4-quart capacity is just right for a pair of adventurers. Larger groups might want to opt for the $199 4-quart PowerPot XL. Both pots are due to ship “in time for the 2014 camping season,” which most likely means no later than March.


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