Looxcie’s New Live-Streaming Video Cam Possibly Their Most Attractive Yet


The big idea behind Looxcie’s video cameras is that they can live-stream video to a variety of audiences (including Facebook) by linking, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, to an iPhone or Android phone running Looxcie’s free companion app.

But unlike the action-oriented $200, 1080p Looxcie HD, which is pretty expensive, or the lightweight Looxcie 2, which is only capable of 480p, the more social Looxcie 3 seems to have found a $100, 720p sweet spot. Plus it looks far less dorky when worn.

That’s because the Looxcie 3’s square housing is designed to attach to a pocket via Looxcie’s optional Rotating Social Clip. Yes, the $20 clip is optional — the camera doesn’t come with another means to easily attach it to anything besides a tripod.

But that seems like the only downside. The specs look pretty good, and there’re options — in this case, an options that aren’t more or less a necessity in order to use the camera as intended — that allow the Looxcie 3 to be used underwater, or attach it to a ball cap brim. Here’s a look at those specs:

HD recording up to 720p
Simultaneous video streaming & recording
Direct-to-Facebook live streaming
Weighs approximately 1.3 ounces
Battery life of up to 2 hours
Still image capture with a press of a button
Sleek, hands-free design with a wide range of mounting options
Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
Low-light sensor for use in dim lighting
Unique Instant Clip button for creating “instant replays” of what just happened
Expandable microSD video storage up to 64GB

The Looxcie 3 is available now.

  • Falafelhead

    I want to love the Looxcie but their lack of support for major 3rd party streaming platforms has been (and still is) their major downfall.

    As the owner of a Looxcie 2 – “Simultaneous streaming and recording direct to Facebook” sounds great…but it’s implemented horribly. You have to bother your friends with a message to watch your stream. That user has to login to Facebook and accept the Looxcie Facebook app and then wait as the stream attempts to connect (works 1 out of 99 times)
    That’s right…no external embedding of a stream on your own site. No simple way to post to your profile and friends can just push play. No support for UStream or Justin.Tv – THIS would be the game changer Looxcie has somehow failed to accept after all these years.

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