Latest From iCourt: Phil Schiller Gets Snarky On The Stand In Patent Case Against Samsung


Since Apple won a $1 billion lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement last summer, both companies have been fighting to determine how the ruling will actually unfold. In March of this year, the presiding judge for the case subtracted $450 million from what Samsung owed Apple due to the jury’s miscalculations for damages.

The Apple vs. Samsung retrial kicked off earlier this week in California court, and Apple requested an additional $380 in damages from Samsung on top of the $600 million already owed. Samsung believes it should only have to pay Apple $52 million for infringing on five patents related to the iPhone.

Today Phil Schiller, Apple’s head of marketing, took the stand in court to talk about the iPhone’s importance to Apple, calling it a “bet-the-company” product. He also got pretty snarky about Samsung copying Apple.

Schiller began his testimony by recounting the original iPhone’s launch and the product’s success to date. He expressed frustration that Samsung started making phones that looked just like the iPhone after Apple started seeing success in the smartphone market. Schiller said he was “quite shocked” when he first saw the Samsung Galaxy. “My first thought was, ‘They’ve copied the iPhone.'”

These first few years of the iPhone’s existence have been “an incredibly important time” for Apple, said Schiller. And Samsung’s infringement has made it “harder for us to get new customers and bring them into our ecosystem.” The iPhone is Apple’s biggest money-maker by far. “At this point, it’s fair to say that most everyone at Apple works on iPhone,” said Schiller from the stand. “It’s our biggest product.”

While being cross-examined by Samsung’s lawyers, Schiller gave off a little Jobsian snark with his responses:

The retrial is expected to close next week.

  • Zod Buster

    His comment
    And Samsung’s infringement has made it “harder for us to get new customers and bring them into our ecosystem.
    should have been
    And Samsung’s infringement has made it “harder for us to get new customers and SUCK them into our ecosystem.

  • Dave Stephens

    As if Samsung isn’t 100% suck…

  • iSteve

    The name has changed, it’s SAM-SUCK.

  • sanziwil

    You call this ‘snarky’? These are just a bunch of weak, hackneyed and melodramatic lines.

  • BryanElliott

    That sounds partially true but also a bit whiney on Apple’s part. No matter how much you can point at Samsung for copying Apple in the past, you cannot ignore that fact that they have delivered on what people really want in a phone. Bigger screens and flexibility and sometimes better default applications. These are such big selling points for SO MANY people. Samsung may have gotten a step up on copying what Apple did but they have leap frogged Apple in enough specific features that are important for average consumers to differentiate themselves. Apple needs to step up their game and give us more choices in things like screen size and customization. I think it’s silly after all these years that I still cannot freely arrange my icons (i.e in vertical rows or messy ) the way I want to.

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