Girl Washing Is Totally Not What You Think It Is [Review]

Girl Washing 2

I’m sad to say that if you clicked on this review hoping that Girl Washing was a soon-to-be-removed “sexy” game for iOS that you’re in for some hot…laundry washing action. Yep. Girl Washing is all about a cute girl doing chores instead of you washing some totally objectified anime chick (thankfully).

Girl Washing by Jiang Bin
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone
Price: Free

Anyway, Girl Washing is a weird take on a matching game. Rather than swiping to move clothes into lines, you’re actually assembling the game pieces on a grid, trying to match five items together. When you do, the clothes end up in a washing queue that you then have to drag into the washing machine. Soon, all the laundry starts piling up and matching five pairs gets incredibly difficult. I’ve spent a few hours beating my head against the seemingly automatic fail state Girl Washing pushed on you if you put even a sock out of place.

Go away, Control Center!

Go away, Control Center!

An incredibly limited way to get around this is to use the bottles of “dry wash” you earn by doing full loads of laundry to clear one space on the grid. This is a last-ditch effort at best because you’re matching 25 tiles to clear just one.

One truly frustrating aspect is that in order to place clothes on the game grid, you have to drag stuff from the bottom edge of the screen. Pre-iOS 7 this wouldn’t have been a big deal, but now you run the risk of bringing up that quick access menu every time you swipe.

Girl Washing is all about a cute girl doing chores instead of you washing some totally objectified anime chick (thankfully).

If you can get around the swiping issue, Girl Washing is a strange game I recommend trying out, if for no other reason than for friends to see the icon on your phone. Fake out your friends and take them to the “Man Eating Chicken” show, but only this time it is a girl washing.

Girl Washing 3Game Name: Girl Washing
The Good: Cute design and simple gameplay makes Girl Washing an easy distraction.
The Bad: iOS 7 hates letting you play, though.
The Verdict Girl Washing is a great joke to pull on friends, and it’s pretty cute to boot.
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Cult of Mac rating: 3/5

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