What Are The Most Popular iPhone 5s & 5c Colors? Space Gray And Blue.


Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

What are the most popular colors of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c? According to new data, it’s the space gray iPhone 5s and blue iPhone 5c. But availability may have more to do with that than anything else, at least for the iPhone 5s.

According to data from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, or CIRP, (via MacGasm, space gray iPhone 5ses account for 43% of all purchases. Naturally, a lot of this has to do with availability, as the gold and even silver iPhone 5s have been comparatively harder to find at launch: these two color options account for 30% and 27% of the market, respectively.

There’s probably no such supply demands at play with the iPhone 5c, where blue sells 27% of all iPhone 5cs, with white coming in at 25%, green 21%, pink 20% and yellow (my personal favorite) a mere 7%. Huh.

CIRP also breaks color choices down by gender, saying the ladies tend to like lighter color iPhone 5s and 5c devices than the boys. Silver iPhone 5ses outsell space gray ones when women are doing the buying, while the ladies prefer pink iPhone 5cs as men prefer white.

Source: MacGasm

  • MeganBlok

    I think the availability definitely has to do with the popular space grey 5s although I am surprised silver didn’t take golds place. But I suppose silver was a bit constrained late September and early November.