Pocket Casts Update Brings 64-Bit Support, UI Improvements & More


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Pocket Casts, now my favorite podcast management client for iOS, now supports the new 64-bit A7 processor built into the iPhone 5s and the new iPads, thanks to its latest update that’s available to download today. The release also brings back the ability to skip back and forth between podcasts by tapping artwork, unplayed episode counts, podcast sorting, and more.

Here’s the full list of changes in Pocket Casts 4.2:

– For the mobile quick tappers: the ‘Giant Skip Buttons of Yore’ are back, tap either side of the artwork to skip back and forth on your iPhone. Turn it off in settings if you find it too confronting.
– For the meticulous: Unplayed episode counts now shown on podcast artwork. Yay!
– For the organised: Podcast tiles can now be sorted by latest episode date or title, drag down on the tiles view to see the options.
– For the tech nerds: 32 extra bits of awesome added for those lucky ducks who have 64 bit devices.
– For the designer in all of us: Lots of visual improvements, tweaks and enhancements.
– For the frustrated: Over 50 unique bugs squashed, involving everything from having 12,000 episodes in an episode filter to holding your phone upside down in the rain.

If you’re still looking for an awesome podcasts app for iOS, then you should certainly give Pocket Casts a try. It sports a beautiful design for iOS 7, and it’s packed full of great features, including the ability to sync your podcasts with the Pocket Casts app on Android — perfect if you have both Android and iOS devices.

Pocket Casts is $3.99, and you’ll find it in the App Store.

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