The Hunting: Part 1 Throws ‘You’ Into A Tap-Crazy Zombie-pocalypse [Review]

The Hunting Part 1

The Hunting is an interactive zombie film made for — and with — the iPhone. It presents a world in which the undead rise because of a spontaneous global failure of antibiotics. But that’s not really important; the main thing is that zombies are in the room.

The Hunting: Part 1 by Wotsamaflip Studios Ltd.
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone
Price: Free

The first part of the story runs about 12 minutes, and it sets the scene pretty well. Your character (you) wake up, put your pants on, and discover that a bunch of things are on fire in the distance, and some ugly sucker in your kitchen wants to kill you. You do a bit of swiping and tapping, make a couple choices, and then you’re done.

It’s very short, but what’s there is promising.

It all takes place from a first-person perspective; as the events unfold, you make decisions as to what happens next. For example, your weight on a door is the only thing keeping a zombie from coming through and chewing various bits off of you. You can go for the front door or the window: Which will it be?

It’s very short, but what’s there is promising.

The decisions in Part 1 don’t seem to affect a whole lot (neither the door nor the window is “right”), but the entire thing feels like a free teaser to the paid followups (Part 2 is currently available for a dollar). Here’s hoping that the next ones have a bit more meat on them.

Otherwise, you know. The zombies will starve.

The Hunting Part 1Game Name: : The Hunting: Part 1
The Good: Excellent production values and an interesting idea.
The Bad: “Choices” don’t mean anything, very short.
The Verdict It’s a great concept, but hopefully the followups will be more substantial.
Buy from: App Store

Cult of Mac rating: 3/5

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