Cloudpaint Is 1984’s MacPaint, In The Cloud

I did this.

I did this.

There isn’t much to say about Cloudpaint in the cloud other than it’s MacPaint… in your browser. That’s right – go browse to the site and enjoy the wonders of 1984-style B&W ink and square brushes.

The real MacPaint in action. Source: Wikipedia

The real MacPaint in action. Source: Wikipedia

I never owned a Mac until the first white iBook in 2001, which I almost immediately loaded up with OS X (or maybe it shipped with it?), so I have no idea how authentic is Cloudpaint, or whether it mimics the original version or what Wikipedia calls the v2.0 “Stable Release” in 1988. Whatever, it’s pretty amazing that it now runs inside a browser.

What’s more amazing is how small it is. Programmer Martin Braun has added the ability to zoom the window to 2X, but at its original size the thing can fit at full resolution in one of our 640px banner shots (above).

It’s amazing, with one big lame feature: saving your images requires a Facebook account. Then again, a screenshot will always do the trick.


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