Apple Acknowledges iMessage Glitch In iOS 7, Says Fix Is Coming In Future Update


Have you had issues sending or receiving iMessages since you updated to iOS 7? Although Apple claims problems only exist for “a fraction of a percent” of its users, a large number of iMessagers have been complaining about failed messages since iOS 7 was released.

Today Apple acknowledged that iMessage has been having problems, and a fix is coming in a future iOS 7 update.

From The Wall Street Journal:

“We are aware of an issue that affects a fraction of a percent of our iMessage users, and we will have a fix available in an upcoming software update,” Apple said in a statement. “In the meantime, we encourage any users having problems to reference our troubleshooting documents or contact AppleCare to help resolve their issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes impacted users.”

If you’re having problems with iMessage not working, don’t bother contacting AppleCare and try some of the fixes mentioned in this post. The most common fix is to reset your network settings.

rumor from this morning said that Apple is preparing iOS 7.0.3 for deployment next week.

  • mykod

    What about siri problems??? When is Apple going to fix the “I’m really sorry about this but I can’t take any requests right now”??? Never seen such bugs and glitches with Steve Jobs. And cmon Siri is so important…

  • Andrew John

    Same thing has happened with messages app in Mavericks. I’m guessing theres an API issue between the iMessage apps and Apple servers. It all happened the same day iOS 7 was released. Before then the iOS 7 GM worked just fine and messages in Mavericks worked fine as well. Every person I know who updated to iOS 7 has had this problem, so the small percentage comment is a bit dismissive.

  • daov2a

    The bugs just keep coming. I know a few merchants who depend on iPads for payments. iOS 7 has stalled them. And guess what! No going back! Thanks Apple!

  • brandon

    The bugs just keep coming. I know a few merchants who depend on iPads for payments. iOS 7 has stalled them. And guess what! No going back! Thanks Apple!

    Why update if your payment app hasnt been updated yet? It’s the developers responsibility to keep their apps updated.

  • GWBandrew

    Resetting network settings is a temporary fix. I’ve reset mine a couple days ago and last night iMessage started acting up again. Easiest fix is to turn the phone off/on or simply turn iMessage off til the 7.0.3 fix is released. Green text bubbles are annoying (#firstworldproblems) but they’re more tolerant than finding out an hour or two later that my iMessage never sent and drained battery from being in constant “sending” mode.

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