Apple’s New Colors Make Website Look Like It’s 1996 Again



Like a bizzare flashback to the web of the 1990s, Apple has colored the background of its new iPhone pages, with a flat gold background for the gold iPhone 5s and light blue for the iPhone 5c.

While we certainly appreciate the appeal of new colors to grace our upcoming iPhones, we’re pretty shocked that someone allowed these two flat blank backgrounds to go unchallenged up on Apple’s site.

What do you think? Forward-thinking colors, or flashback web design?

  • GWBandrew

    every refresh of the homepage changes the iPhone model/color and gets a matching background color.

  • AricCMiller

    Pretty sure this is not as bad as those ’90s websites.Slow news day?

  • cflorez6768


  • HerbalEd

    Pretty sure this is not as bad as those ’90s websites.Slow news day?

    It’s definitely not a slow news day for Apple news … that’s for sure. Meanwhile this particular article is useless.

  • blamrob

    I’m actually not wild about the specific colors, but who said you can’t use color on the web anymore? I’m so sick of white an black

    Overall, I find Apple’s site to be somewhat sophisticated. I wish they’d adapt more to the responsive design model the iPhone helped to start though.

    Also, I find the hijacked scrolling on the some of the product pages to be pretty annoying.

  • TylerHoj
  • BrainGameMayhem

    Pretty sure this is not as bad as those ’90s websites.Slow news day?

    How original and funny. Also, Apple announced two phones today, so “No.”

  • ipockat

    I really like the new colors on the website. It does not at all look like a 90s website. It still has the clean cut look that we all love about apple. But I do not like the Gold very much I like the bright colors page for the iphone 5c.

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