Keep Everything In Sync With SyncMate [Deals]

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I’ve got a MacBook Air, an iPad, and an iPhone. There are certain apps – some that are made by Apple and some that aren’t that are only at their best when they sync across all three platforms. Here are some examples – and these are apps I use every single day:

  • Day One
  • OmniFocus
  • Evernote
  • Byword
  • 1Password

But not all apps function like the above ones. Some won’t sync across all platforms (especially those outside of the Apple ecosystem) and keeping tabs on which ones sync what can become cumbersome.

That’s where SyncMate comes in – an app that Cult of Mac Deals currently has available for just $15.99.

SyncMate has a ton of features, not the least of which is the ability to sync across non-Apple platforms (Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, etc.) – even if you’re offline. But SyncMate’s abilities don’t end with devices. This app can sync online accounts as well. Being able to go to one app to find everything synchronized is a huge timesaver – and SyncMate is that one app.

To check out all of the features that SyncMate offers, head to the Deals page. While you’re there save yourself 60% and pick it up for the low price of $15.99 so you can start syncing efficiently and effectively today!

Keep Everything In Sync With SyncMate [Deals]

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