Phooter, The Location-Guessing, Flickr-Fed Photo Game For Kids


Phooter looks pretty neat – apart from the name which, if the logo is anything to go by, is supposed to be pronounced to rhyme with “footer” and not “fooooter.”

Anyhow, the app is a learning tool/game for the iPhone and iPad which uses Flickr photos to teach geography.

Phooter is likely inspired by Geoguessr, a browser-based game that asks you to guess the location in which a photo was taken. Phooter goes further, though, adding in a slow reveal: the photograph is covered with tiles, which can be removed one at a time to show the photograph beneath. Each of these tiles carries a distance penalty which is added to your score when you guess the place on the map.

The app seems to be more curated than Geoguessr, too, with a good handful of famous (And less famous) landmarks tossed into the mix.

The tile-reveal element will certainly sell this to kids. I know I was as fascinated with maps as I was with photos of faraway places when I was a kid – right up until I started studying geography in school, where my terrible teachers did their best to make the subject as dull as possible.

Phooter is free, and Universal.

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