Graphite iPhone 5S And iPad Mini 2 Rear Shell Get Hands-On Treatment [Video]

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ICU has shared a new video that goes hands-on with the rumored graphite iPhone 5S and second-gen iPad mini rear shell. We first saw part leaks for a graphite-colored 5S earlier this week, and the backing shown in this new video comes by means of the same source, Sonny Dickson.

The graphite iPhone 5S is a relatively new development in the rumor mill, and it suggests that Apple will offer a fourth color for the device beyond white, black, and champagne gold.

As you can see in the video, the graphite option is a lighter grey compared to the jet black iPhone 5. The iPad mini 2 rear shell is the same as in past leaks, and we likely won’t see that device until October.

If you’re having trouble keeping track of all the next-gen iPhone colors that have been leaking from parts suppliers in recent months, here’s a basic breakdown: the flagship iPhone 5S is being rumored to come in the classic white and black plus an addition champagne and now graphite option. The iPhone 5C is Apple’s rumored low-cost device that will come in several fun colors like blue and green.

While the champagne color is a pretty sure bet at this point for the 5S, graphite is more up for grabs. Early leaks for the iPhone 5 looked light grey at the time, but Apple ended up going with the darker slate that’s being sold now.

Guess we’ll find out on September 10th.

  • iMobileRescue

    Definitely interesting. The mini, though it looks the same, better have that retina! The graphite-ish iPhone backplate looks pretty awesome.

  • ekim1406

    i want dat graphite

  • TylerHoj

    The graphite would look awesome spicing up the MacBook Pro w/ retina display, just sayin.

  • Jmckee277

    nice Bear Grills knife!!! a little over board I think

  • Ianthetechman

    I wanted a new iphone design this time around not just different color variations i am a little disappointed before the phone is even announced.

  • HerbalEd

    It took me a while to realize they’re talking about the “color” graphite and not the “material” graphite.

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