Set Up & Manage Your Chromecast With Google’s New iOS App


Unlike Apple, Google likes to make its hardware compatible with all of your other gadgets — regardless of which platform they’re running. So you may have purchased a $35 Chromecast dongle to work with your iOS devices. If so, you’ll be interested in Google’s new Chromecast app, which lets you set up and manage your dongle from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

If you’ve already got a Chromecast, you probably already have it up and running, either using an Android device or your computer. But now you can set up and manage it from your iOS device, too. The new Chromecast app lets you connect your Chromecast to your Wi-Fi network, and manage its settings, such as changing its device name.

You can manage multiple Chromecasts from the app simultaneously, and all the Chromecasts in your home will appear under the ‘Devices’ list after you’ve searched for them. The app will also suggest other iOS apps that are Chromecast compatible, such as YouTube and Netflix.

The Chromecast app is free, and you can download it now by clicking the source link below.

  • Scott

    Nice. Maybe I’ll use my Chromecast again, now. ;)

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