Google+ For iOS Update Kills Messenger For Hangouts, Integrates Drive


Google+ for iOS Update

Google updated its flagship social network app for Google+ on iOS today, bringing it up to par with the recently released Android Google+ app update. The new features includes integration with Google Drive, the loss of Google Messenger in favor of Google Hangouts, and some new stuff for Apps for Business users.

The Google+ mobile app is a great way to interact with the social networking service. It’s universal, meaning it’s native on iPad as well as iPhone, and it supports Retina display devices for gorgeous images and video. You can share photos directly to Events, have your photos and videos privately and automatically backed up, follow trending Google+ topics, and generally interact with Google+ as easily as on the web.

The new features let you view, edit, and share your Google Drive photos as well as use Hangouts to connect with friends and contacts via video, voice or text message. You can even use Google Takeout to download the messenger data created on the go via iOS.

If you’re a Google Apps user, you can restrict posts to your specific domain as well as assign domain icons to identify members.

To get the latest update, you can grab the most recent Google+ for iOS app in the App Store, or just update directly on your iOS device.

Source: App Store
Via: Engadget

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