Gallery: 25 Years Of Apple Mouse Evolution


Photo by raneko - click to view original

Flickr user raneko (who is no stranger to regular Cult readers) has just uploaded a bunch of fantastic photos of Apple mice through the ages.


Photo by raneko - click to view original

They document the changes we’ve seen from the bulky, blocky Macintosh Mouse to today’s multi-touch wireless Magic Mouse.


Photo by raneko - click to view original

And if you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a Macintosh Mouse looked like – and the differences between the US, Irish and Taiwanese versions – well, now you can find out.


Photo by raneko - click to view original

There are many more photos to see. They’re not in a set of their own, but you can easily browse them if you look at this archive page for the day they were uploaded.

Thanks to raneko for CC licensing these photos and thereby letting us show them to you on Cult of Mac.

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