Looks Like The iPhone 5C Will Come In Red, Green, Blue And Yellow


Although it was hard to believe first, it’s looking increasingly likely that Apple’s forthcoming foray into the mid-range market, the iPhone 5C, will come in that cheap, colorful plastic casing we’ve seen leaking out of China time and time again over the past few weeks.

More proof for the pudding? We’ve seen the physical casing of the iPhone 5C before, but it never had any guts. Now, we’re starting to see other parts, and they match. Case in point? Volume buttons, in red, green, yellow and blue.

Admittedly, volume buttons aren’t sexy. They do their job, but they aren’t much more than little nibs of plastic and metal — hardly technology to get excited about.

Even so, volume buttons are an indispensable part of the iPhone’s design, and, in fact, one of only five physical inputs on the iPhone at all. So you can actually tell a lot about an unreleased iPhone from its volume buttons, especially when they are bright, colorful, candy-like chiclets, as here.

As always, these part leaks need to be treated with a certain degree of skepticism. Someone could have gone through the trouble of 3D printing up some colorful volume buttons to mislead Apple fans. If these are accurate, though, looks like the next iPhone will come in a Play-Doh-like assortment of colors: red, green, yellow and blue.

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    iPhone 5C. Brought to you by Fisher-Price.

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