T-Mobile Ending ‘$0 Down’ Summer Sale On iPhone 5 And 4S Tomorrow


T-Mobile is abruptly ending its ‘$0 Down Summer Sale’ on the iPhone 5 and 4S tomorrow. The promotion allowed customers to walk out of a store with a new iPhone and no upfront charges. The cost of the phone was then recouped through smaller, monthly payments.

As of Saturday, newer iPhones can only be bought on T-Mobile with a larger upfront payment that more closely matches the subsidized retail cost at other carriers.

The news was first reported by TMoNews earlier today and then confirmed with T-Mobile by AllThingsD. “As is the nature of promotions, pricing moves are temporary,” said a T-Mobile representative.

To buy an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile starting tomorrow, you will have to pay at least $145.99 before you walk out and then make 24 monthly payments of $21. The iPhone 4 is still being offered  with no money down, but Apple is expected to can that device this fall—T-Mobile is likely just getting rid of existing stock.

T-Mobile’s ‘Un-Carrier’ approach to payment plans has caused Verizon and AT&T to introduce their own plans with lower upfront costs. It’s a shame to see T-Mobile backtrack here on the iPhone, especially when the iPhone has been bringing them in so much good business.

Because of the carrier’s cheaper data plans, T-Mobile is still a good choice to consider when buying an iPhone. The company recently hinted at offering a whole new array of Apple products this fall, which likely means the iPad and new iPhone models.


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