Auxo Creator Releases Aplo, A Beautiful iOS Theme [Jailbreak]


After using iOS 7 for a couple of months, I’ve been missing some of the gorgeous iPhone themes that are out there for jailbreakers. You may think that theming iOS 6 is pointless when Apple’s next-gen OS is right around the corner, but one of the most prolific designers in the jailbreak community doesn’t agree.

We’ve highlighted Sentry’s work multiple times on Cult of Mac, and he’s most famous for Auxo, a popular app switcher replacement tweak. Aplo is a new Winterboard theme from Sentry that has been in the works for quite some time, and it’s drop-dead gorgeous.

With support for 300 apps, Aplo is one of the most extensive jailbreak themes I’ve seen to date. “Aplo revitalizes your home screen and its app icons with a clean and smooth approach,” explains Sentry. Nearly every aspect of iOS is themed, including the lock screen, Notification Center, Auxo (of course), Flipswitch toggles, alerts, HUD, keypad, GUI buttons, etc.

I absolutely love the look of Aplo, and wish I was still on iOS 6 so I could use it on my main iPhone 5. I’m sure it will be updated with support for iOS 7 after the next jailbreak comes out, but until then, I’m content to gawk. Check out my friend Jeff Benjamin’s video walkthrough:

Auxo Creator Releases Aplo, A Beautiful iOS Theme [Jailbreak]

If you are still jailbroken on iOS 6, you can download and install Aplo from Cydia for $1.49.

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    Thanks for this, downloading now!

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    This is pretty terrible.

  • Ousi MBaye

    Very nice … thanks for this

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  • DesignByAdrian

    Give a shout when you know it’s ready for ios7! I will keep chasing the designer every four weeks :P

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