Hidden Strings In iOS 7 Beta 4 Confirm Home Button Fingerprint Sensor In Future iPhone

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Looks like iOS 7 Beta 4 just conclusively outed the fact that Apple is planning on putting a fingerprint sensor underneath the home button of the iPhone 5S: strings found in iOS 7 Beta 4’s BiometricKitUI.axbundle make reference to an iOS 7 tutorial which will reference a “photo of a person holding an iPhone with their right hand while touching the Home button with their thumb” and “a fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process.”

When a user of an iPhone 5S is setting up their iPhone to recognize their fingerprint, they will get a message saying that “Recogition is X% complete”, where X% is presumably a progress bar filling in.

Hamza Sood has found a lot of hidden iOS settings in the past, so he’s got a good track record. This looks pretty legit, and we all knew Apple acquired Authentec for a reason, and that fingerprint sensors were coming to iOS devices. This is our first peek, though, at how they will be realized, with typical Apple simplicity.

  • MattGodfrey

    This simple idea could be amazing!

    Firstly removing the annoying PIN/password will be a nice touch. Hopefully it allows for multiple fingerprints, e.g. if my girlfriend wants to use my phone for any number of reasons.

    I read that France is trialing fingerprint security with their credit cards. They apparently were first (or one of) to trial Chip & PIN with their credit cards, which is now widespread across Europe.

    If you combine:

    1) Your credit card on your iTunes account
    2) This fingerprint iPhone
    3) NFC/RFID Chip

    You’d eventually have one fantastically secure and convenient wallet built into your iPhone!

    With RFID chips now built into a lot of credit cards, it’s raised a lot of security concerns. There’s plenty of Youtube videos showing how easy it is for criminals to swipe your pocket or bag to wirelessly steal money without you realising. A fingerprint confirmation to release the money would be the perfect way to solve that security flaw.

    Even if Apple don’t include an RFID chip, the fingerprint sensor would be a great way to confirm online payments or confirm secure logins! They could work with all the online payment gateway companies to use the sensor for:

    1) Secure confirmation for payments made using your iPhone.
    2) Secure confirmation for payments/logins made on any website, e.g. Online banking or any shop on the internet.

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