The LifeTrak Move C300 Activity Tracker Is Waterproof and Can Measure Your Heart Rate


It’s not exactly the belle of the ball, and its name is in serious need of some marketing help; but the LifeTrak Move C300 activity tracker makes up for its lack of charm with some powerful bonus features, like waterproofness (to 90 feet!) and the ability to also measure heart rate.

On top of all that, the device’s energy requirements are so low that its coin-sized, non-rechargeable battery will last a year.

Seems like Salutron — which makes the C300 and apparently cut its teeth making cardio machines for gyms — has stuffed the little Bluetooth-enabled C300 full of sophisticated tech: Patented “ECG accurate” heart-rate monitor (and it’ll store your last measurement for comparison); a calorie-tracking algorithm that integrates heart rate and activity data; and a “patented pace-based calibration algorithm dynamically adjusts to stride length based on identification of walking, jogging and running motions.”

Oh, and you can also swap out the wristband for a different color.

Actually, there’s a lot more here — more features than I’ve ever seen on an activity tracker, especially one that costs just $60. And yes, that price is pretty low. The C300 pairs with the equally sophisticated Argus app.

On the other hand, its screen is almost certainly the most muddled to ever sit on activity tracker. It’ll be interesting to see if the C300 holds up to its claims, and whether or not its low price betrays any severely cut corners.

Later this year the C300 will be joined by the $90 C140 C410, which will also include sleep tracking.

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