Skobbler’s ForeverMap 2: Fully-Featured Offline Navigation App With Bicycle Routing


ForeverMap 2 is one of those great apps that should be a no-brainer download for any even moderately frequent map user. Unlike either the standard iOS Maps app or the Google Maps app, ForeverMap 2 can download and store custom maps on your device — allowing you to use the map and accompanying navigation features even without a wifi or data connection.

Today, ForeverMap 2 has been updated with behind-the-curtain improvements to make it much faster, and it now also includes guide information from Wikitravel. It can even route bicycle trips. Best of all, Skobbler has dropped the price from $3 to free till the end of the day.

Worried about filling your device with megabytes of maps? Don’t be. ForeverMap 2 allows you to pick and choose which maps to download, all for free (everything else not downloaded is, of course, available when you’re connected to the Internet). local storage sizes for the maps are pretty reasonable, and in-line with other navigation apps that allow custom downloads. Storing California on your device, for instance, takes up about 180MB.

Navigation can be routed for car, pedestrian or — and here’s a big plus — bicycle trips. Neither of the other two maps apps do this. on the other hand, ForeverMap doesn’t do public transit routing, like Google Maps does.

As with the company’s other big navigation app, GPS Naviagation 2, Skobbler uses the open source OpenStreetMap as a base. The points of interest in OpenStreetMap are created and updated via crowdsourcing, which means search results can occasionally be a little out of date. But at worst it’s no more frustrating than the disastrous iOS Maps.

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