Microsoft’s New Anti-iPad Ad Takes Aim At iOS Multitasking

Microsoft is continuing it’s anti-iPad ad campaign with a new TV ad that attacks the iPad’s multitasking capabilities. The ad pits two baseball scouts against each other as they’re armed with an iPad and Windows 8 tablet to see if a certain prospect is worth signing.

The tag line for the ad is “do two things at once without dropping the ball,” so naturally it ends with the Windows 8 bearing scout signing the prospect to a major league deal while the hombre rocking the iPad just couldn’t switch his apps fast enough because Windows 8 allows you view two apps at the same time.

You have to give it to Microsoft for not pulling any punches. It will be interesting to see if Apple responds. Remember the good ol’ days of Mac vs. PC?

  • TheDoctor

    The ad pits two baseball scouts against each other as they use an iPad and Windows 8 tablet to armed with an iPad and Windows 8 tablet to see if a certain prospect is worth signing.

  • duncanfurg13

    This is ridiculous. Isn’t there any ‘friendly’ competition in the tech market these days? This is almost as despicable as Samsung.
    They can’t make good products, so they spend their money bashing the company that does.
    Real mature, Microsoft…

  • MrsCleaver

    “Microsoft’s New Anti-iPad Ad Takes Aim At iOS Multitasking”

    Well… you know… Microsoft has to take aim at something. I mean, the hugely popular Surface (with that totally original magnetic cover), the erstwhile but well-loved Zune iPod killer, and the universally-embraced Windows 8 means they have to keep the aiming at the competition!

    If you can’t beat ‘em, slam ‘em, right? Too bad Microsoft always aims so low.

  • Market_Mayhem

    Most consumers using iPads don’t give a damn about needing multitasking. Task switching is good enough. I’m not knocking the ZunePad’s ability to multitask. It’s good to have as long as you really need it and it doesn’t slow anything down or hog memory. I’m not sure what applications users really need to multitask on a tablet but Microsoft seems to find it necessary. It’s a pretty weak selling point if you ask me.

  • zviivz

    The only difference the guy using the Surface was the ability to see the other person’s face. What’s the big deal? Sometimes I think it would be nice to have multi screens on my iPad but seriously how often do I need it. By the way, if the agent didn’t do his homework and needs a Surface to help him, he seriously need to think about his job.

  • Mustafa Kurtay

    yes iPad is good enough and far better reliable than other tablets around.. but good enough is not enough.. good enough may also mean that things need some change.. plus noone can argue if costumer wants to use multiple apps at a glance.. so they have a point here..

  • joewaylo

    Actually MrsCleaver, they used a Dell in this commercial.

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