Haunting Monochrome Puzzler Limbo Hits The App Store – Get It Now!



Limbo is one of the best games on Mac. A haunting, monochrome adventure in which you guide the glowing-eyed silhouette of a nameless boy on the “edge of hell” looking for his sister, it’s a classic of game design… and now it’s available on iOS. You can grab it now on the App Store.

Limbo originally appeared three years ago on the Xbox 360, and was ported a year later to PS3, Windows and Mac. Just last month, Playdead released a PlayStation Vita port. And now it’s on the iPhone and iPad.

Playdead apparently paid particular attention to the touch controls:

A while back we decided to try to get LIMBO running on the “iDevices”… When we had it up and running, we were amazed by how well the game looked on the smaller screens, and decided to go all the way, even though we knew that nailing the “ultimate” touch based controls would be a serious drag and that optimizing the performance all over again would take a while, but here we are ready to launch, and we must admit that everyone at the studio are blown by the work the small port team has done with this version.

Limbo for iOS is available now on the iTunes App Store.

Source: App Store

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  • Jonathan Ober

    Not showing up for me when I search the AppStore…on iOS 7 beta 2 at least.

  • bdkennedy

    Just looked it’s not there.