Spotify For iOS Gets New Icon, Discover, Playlist Editing On iPhone



Spotify for iOS has been updated today to finally bring the Discover feature to the iPhone, which was first made available to everyone back in May. The version 0.7.1 update also adds the ability to edit your playlists, introduces a new home screen icon, and a new Now Playing view.

The Discover feature is already available in Spotify’s desktop app, and now you can access it on your iPhone. It helps you find new music to listen to based on your favorite tracks when you’re not sure what to listen to next. Simply tap on the Discover tab below Search to get started.

The update also introduces a new Spotify logo for your home screen, and a new Now Playing view, which features the “Up Next” queue on iPhone. To add a track to your queue, tap the options button alongside its name and then tap the “Add to Queue” button.

iPhone users can edit their playlists on the go now, too.

Spotify has also made a number of improvements to the app’s user interface to make it easier to navigate, and introduced fixes for several bugs and crashes.

Source: App Store

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  • markymac

    Maybe I’m from the future but other than the new Home screen icon the Discover feature and the ability to edit Playlists has been around for quite some time. I’d say Discover has been around for at least a month and I’ve always had the ability to edit Playlists so I have no idea why this is news to anyone.

    But 9to5Mac is saying the same thing. I can only assume neither your nor 9to5 uses Spotify. I only started using it about 2 months ago and haven’t bought anything from iTunes since (I almost feel bad about that).

    Sorry Killian but new features there are not.

  • zimm3r

    Why not actually show the new homescreen icon?