Apple Reseller Offering Free Upgrade To iOS 7 Beta With iPhone 5 Purchase


Apple resellers in China and India will try almost anything to get people to buy an iPhone but one premium reseller in India is taking it to an all-new level by offering customers a free upgrade to the iOS 7 beta with the purchase of an iPhone 5.

Don’t want to have to buy a new iPhone 5 just to play with iOS 7? The store says they’ll also let you pay to just upgrade to the iOS 7 beta for $20 if you have an iPhone 5 but it’ll cost you $23 for an iPad.

iOS 7 is in its second round of beta testing with developers and won’t be released until Fall 2013. The reseller’s Facebook posts advertising the promo have already been taken down, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple already put the kibosh on iCentre India’s new marketing strategies.

  • Adrayven


  • Eurofag

    Some resellers are in for a through ass-kicking from Cupertino

  • Eurofag

    Some resellers are in for a through ass-kicking from Cupertino

  • Jmckee277

    If I was given a iPhone for the first time with iOS7 on it I would throw it in there face. I have it on my phone and it is still very buggy.

  • Junaidkureshi

    oohhhh China

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