Google Hangouts Update Lets You Invite Friends Via SMS, Send Links & More



The new Google Hangouts app for iOS has received its first update since making its App Store debut back in May. The release adds a number of new features, including the ability to invite friends via SMS and click and share links, plus bug fixes and improvements.

If you’re still low on Hangouts contacts, you can now invite friends who never read their emails via SMS. You can also send and click URLs now (finally!) and Google has added in-app sounds when you receive a message, so they’re harder to miss.

There are also improvements to “badge counter behavior” in this release, and Google has fixed a bug that caused network connection bar “weirdness.” You’ll also find support for iOS 6 (this wasn’t there already?) and more bug fixes.

You can download the latest Google Hangouts release from the App Store now.

Source: App Store


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  • Ryan Wien

    All I want from Hangouts is a Buddy List! I just don’t like how I can’t see a complete list of who is online and who is off. I really don’t want to send messages to someone who’s not going to respond for hours.