Now Turn Your Humble iPhone Camera Into A PowerCam [Sponsored Post]



This post is brought to you by Wondershare Software, creator of PowerCam.

There are so many times when I wanted to zoom my iPhone camera on some distant object, play with the focus, take full panoramic shots, and most of all, snap myself from a greater distance than my arm’s length! But I couldn’t. The iPhone camera, despite all the tech loaded into the rest of the device, is little more advanced than a pinhole camera made from an Oxo box. But now, PowerCam is a new app that allows you to turn your humble iPhone camera into a much more versatile device….

I always thought that Apple kinda neglects its mobile devices’ cameras. The Retina display is such a beautiful platform to showcase nicely taken pics… but not those taken on the device itself. To zoom, defocus, capture tiny objects, you always needed a real camera. But now, PowerCam is a new app that adds loads of extra functionality to your iPhone / iPad camera.

PowerCam includes five basic capture modes: Magic Shot, Tilt-Shift, Color Splash, Panorama, and FaceTimer. Magic Shot applies 60+ visual effects to your photos and videos in real-time while capturing and editing. Tilt-shift makes objects appear small and close-up. Color splash enables you to enhance certain colors in your pics. Panorama enables those all-round 360-degree long-shots that capture what’s all around you. And FaceTimer gives you a few seconds between pressing the button and releasing the shutter, so that you can run into place and frame yourself in your shot. Think, no more self-portraits with your arm reaching toward the camera!

Among the myriad picture-enhancing effects is Face Beauty, which actually does make your subject’s face look better with only one tap.

PowerCam has an extensive set of tools for editing and several options for creating collages. And naturally you can share your pics on all popular social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube…).

PowerCam is available on iTunes, priced $0.99. In-app purchases are restricted to extra color filter effects.