Sony Music Unlimited For iPhone Gets Offline Playback, 320 Kbps Streaming



Sony Music Unlimited for iPhone has been updated to offer offline playback and high quality 320 Kbps music streaming. These features were first introduced to the Android version of the app back in January, so it’s nice to finally see them on iOS with the version 1.3 update.

Sony Music Unlimited is currently vying for a chunk of the music streaming market that’s dominated by the likes of Spotify and Rdio. It first made its debut on iOS earlier this year, but it was missing a number of basic features that left it lagging behind those competitors.

Two of those have been added this week in offline playlists and high quality 320 Kbps streaming, which can be enabled within the app’s settings menu. Unfortunately, though, the two cannot be combined, so you can’t download high quality tracks to listen to while you’re away from your Wi-Fi network.

See the update in action in Sony’s new demonstration video:

You can download the latest version of Sony Music Unlimited from the App Store now. The app itself is free, but you’ll need a Music Unlimited subscription at $10 a month to enjoy it.

Source: App Store


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