Skype Video Messaging Is Here, Giving You A New Way To Share Life’s Best Moments

Skype for iOS and Skype for Machas been updated today with support for a new feature: video messaging. But don’t think video chat. Skype’s new video messaging is all about recording brief, meaningful moments and sending them to other Skype users, not as a stream, but as a self-contained message that will reach them, even if they aren’t online.

The way it works is simple:

• First, tap the “video message” button.
• Next, tap the record button to capture your video message.
• You can record a message of up to three minutes, which can be previewed prior to sending. If you’d like to, you can delete and re-record until you are completely happy with it.
• When you are ready, simply click on the envelope icon to send your video message to the recipient.

Video Messaging is available to all Skype users right now. Give it a whirl.

  • FriarNurgle

    NSA appreciates this.

  • wdowell

    Is this just US only for now as neither the mac app nor iOS updates are available my end here in Europe. Naturally these things can take time..

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