Access Your Favorite Magazines Right From Your Tablet With Next Issue [Freebie]

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The tablet is more than a device that can be used to consume content from the web. Sure, it can also be used to create and communicate, but it can also be used consume the latest in digital magazines. This Cult of Mac Deals offer caters to the magazine lovers out there as we’ve got 2 months of unlimited access to Next Issue – for free!

Next Issue offers all-you-can-read access to over 90 of today’s most popular magazines on your tablet and what Cult of Mac Deals is offering you for free would regularly run you $30. (Note: This offer is open to US customers only.)

The top titles you’ll find on Next Issue include Bloomberg Businessweek, Esquire, Fortune, Golf World, Inc., Men’s Journal, Sports Illustrated, Time, and many more!

Here’s what you’ll be getting with offer:

  • Unlimited Access: all-you-can-read plans provide unlimited access to the full catalog over 90 magazines, including back issues
  • Convenience: it’s like a digital newsstand at your fingertips. Have all of your favorite magazines available anytime – on the couch, during your commute or while traveling. All without clutter or recycling
  • Limited time offer: Try Next Issue FREE for 2 Months ($30 value). No commitment, cancel online anytime

There are plenty of other titles available, and you can check them out (as well as all important reminders and finer points surrounding this offer) over at the Cult of Mac Deals page.

With Next Issue, you’ll never be at a loss for great magazine content, and to have all of it at your fingertips anytime and anywhere you want it is a huge bonus. So head to the Cult of Mac Deals page now and get your hands on 2 months of unlimited access to Next Issue while it’s available – which won’t be for long!

Access Your Favorite Magazines Right From Your Tablet With Next Issue [Freebie]

  • Dave Davies

    You cant sign up for NexTissue if you live outside of the US.
    Lame. This is the internet. Didnt think companies still operated like that.

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