iOS 7 Features: Control Center, Better Multitasking, Built-In Photo Filters, And More [WWDC 2013]

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iOS 7 just got announced, and boy is it a doozy. The look is new totally new, and Apple has introduced some really big new features.

Here are some of the main additions:

  • One of the biggest features is Control Center, a new way to quickly access system toggles (and yes, a flashlight) from anywhere in the OS. There’s also way more intelligent multitasking for apps.
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  • With Control Center, you can swipe to reveal settings for toggles like Airplane Mode, screen brightness, and WiFi. Music controls are also available.
  • The new multitasking is really cool. iOS 7 has intelligent backgrounding for apps you use often which need to pull info from the cloud. The OS adapts to your environment.


  • New more icons for switching apps. webOS-like cards preview apps as you switch between them. Very nice.
  • Safari is no longer limited to just 8 tabs. There’s a new Shared Links view to see what friends are sharing on networks like Twitter.

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  • AirDrop allows for sharing between devices without the need for an internet connection. Apps with stuff like photos and video can wirelessly share with other iOS 7 devices. It’s like Apple’s answer to the old Bump app, minus the actual bumping.

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  • The Camera app is totally new. There also a new square frame to shoot in with built-in filters for sharing directly to Instagram.

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  • The new Photos app has better photo management, including shared Photo Streams (with video support now) that act kind of like a private Instagram network. A new feature called Moments intelligently collects photos as you shoot.

Vist the front page for more on iOS 7.


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