AT&T Adds iPhone, 4G LTE And Visual Voicemail Support To GoPhone

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AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid service has never been friendly to the iPhone. In fact, AT&T has tried to keep iPhones off it for years, hoping that iPhone users will pay for bigger data contracts instead. It looks like AT&T is starting to feel some pressure from T-Mobile and other prepaid networks though, because starting today you’ll be able to use an iPhone on the GoPhone network.

After preventing data access for iPhones for years, AT&T is enabling iPhone support to GoPhone, along with 4G HSPA+ and LTE access, and Visual Voicemail.

Customers can bring their own unlocked smartphones onto the network, or buy a new unsubsidized smartphone directly from AT&T. The initial fees will cost you more than if you sign a contract with AT&T, but GoPhone’s prepaid plans are a lot cheaper.

Existing customers with iPhones will be given access to the network on June 21st, but if you want to jump in early you can call AT&T and have the switch made earlier. GoPhone plans with the new features start at $65, $50 and $25 per month.


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