Shazam Launches New iPad App With Auto Tagging, Dynamic Home Screen


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Shazam has today launched a universal app offering iPad support for the very first time. The release boasts a number of nifty new features, including auto tagging, a dynamic home screen, the ability to flip through recent matches, and more.

Shazam’s new auto tagging feature is great. Turn it on and your iPad will automatically listen out for music, TV shows, and TV ads that are playing around you. The feature also works in the background, so even after you’ve closed the Shazam app and started using something else, it’ll continue listening.

When you open Shazam up again, you’ll be able to flick through all of the matches it has made and add the ones you like to your list of favorites.

In addition to this, Shazam for iPad has a new dynamic home screen that allows you to browse through the music and media being tagged around you in real-time (only available in the U.S. for now). You can also see the hottest tracks globally, view tags by city, and find out what your friends are tagging.

Check out the new Shazam for iPad video below:

The new Shazam app for iPad is free, and available to download now from the App Store.

Source: App Store


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