Can Knockdown 3, One of the Most Fun Ways to Spend a Buck [First Look]

Can Knockdown 3, One of the Most Fun Ways to Spend a Buck [First Look]

Polish-based Infinite Dreams has seen pretty sizable success with their iOS games. Can Knockdown, a physics game that gives the player a row of balls with which to virtually smash stacks of cans, is so popular that the second game in the series (Can Knockdown 2) was even super-sized into a coin-op arcade game.

Now the third game in the series has arrived for iPad and iPhone, Can Knockdown 3. And just like its predecessors, it’s beautifully engineered, gobs of fun and horribly, horribly addictive.

Infinite Dreams stuck with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage here; CK3 doesn’t stray from the original formula, but it’s tweaked in all the right places.

The explosive cans and extra-ball cans are there, but the game now adds devilishly frustrating moving cans that roll down slopes and ride on conveyer belts. Later on, the game gets even more challenging with swinging hooks  and moving grates.

As in the previous games, you can still fire off a virtual fastball or lob a slow, arcing ball; only the fastball can now sometimes turn into a “powershot” with more explosive effects.

Smashing a stack of cans in the Can Knockdown games is one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done on an iPad, and CK3 makes the whole experience even better.

Don’t want to take the chance on a buck? Try the original for free. If you like it, grab the new one.

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