Yahoo! Mail For iOS Gets AirPrint Support For Emails & Attachments


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The new Yahoo! Mail app for iOS has received another update just two weeks after its big revamp. This release adds support for Apple’s AirPrint service, allowing you to wirelessly print emails and attachments from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

You’ll need a printer that’s compatible with AirPrint, of course, or a desktop application that turns any printer into an AirPrint-compatible one — such as HandyPrint for Mac. You can then print emails and attachments you receive in Yahoo! Mail wirelessly.

To use the new AirPrint feature in an email, simply tap the reply button at the bottom of the screen and choose the ‘Print’ option. To print an attachment, open the attachment and then find the ‘Print’ option inside the share button.

You can select the printer you wish to send your documents to, and the number of copies you’d like to print.

You can download the latest Yahoo! Mail update with support for AirPrint from the App Store now.

Source: App Store

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