Verizon Will Sell The iPhone 5 Later This Month For $100 Off Regular Price [Rumor]


If you’re in the market for an iPhone 5, this is intriguing: Twitter user evleaks, who has good sources on upcoming Android devices and carrier deals, is saying that Verizon will start offering the iPhone 5 for $100 off starting in the middle of this month. That means that instead of paying $199 upfront for a 16GB iPhone 5 on two year contract, it would only cost $99. Not a bad deal at all, if true: we’ll let you know when and if the deal goes live.

  • adamstein

    The big question is who will be paying for the $100 difference? Apple, Verizon, or a combination of the two? And if Apple, why is this only at Verizon?

  • swiftjennifer

    spoke with a verizon store employee just now. he said despite the apple site taking the iphone 5 off, the only phone they’re going to stop selling is the iphone 4. they’re still getting shipments of the 5 so there is no shortage and they’re not ceasing to stock it.

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