AT&T Plans To Launch Pre-Paid ‘All In One’ Brand On June 15th


It’s no secret that AT&T is the least affordable carrier for the iPhone in the U.S. While T-Mobile has quickly rebranded itself as “The UnCarrier” and other prepaid carriers have attracted customers with their flexible plans and cheaper service, AT&T has clung to its expensive data and phone plans. All that might be ending soon though.

AT&T is planning to launch a pre-paid brand called ‘All In One” on June 15th to compete with other pre-paid carriers like Cricket, U.S. Cellular, Boost and now T-Mobile. The new AT&T pre-paid brand will offer customers monthly services starting at $35 per month for feature phones and $50 per month on smartphones.

According to a report by Fierce Wireless, All In One will offer unlimited talk, text and data for $35 a month of feature phones. Smartphones will get the same thing except only 2GB of data for $50 a month, or 5GB of data for $70.

The creation of All In One is likely a response to both T-Mobile’s new prepaid smartphone plans, as well as Verizon’s. During its first quarter results for 2013, AT&T announced that it lost 184,000 prepaid subscribers.  Testing of the new plans will get underway soon in Texas and Florida, followed by the official nation-wide launch of All In One on June 15th.


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