This Rare Working Apple I Will Hit The Auction Block Later This Month


Over the last few years, we’ve seen quite a few Apple I’s hit the auction block. Some of the machines can be worth over half a million dollars, depending the item’s condition, and a new working Apple I is about to hit the auction block.

A German auctioneer is putting their rare, working Apple I computer up for auction later this month and hopes to make between $261,000 and $392,000.

There are only six working Apple I’s in the world, so it’s likely that this one will fetch a high price tag, but Breker doesn’t expect it to beat last year’s Apple I auction that hit $640,000. The auction will be held on May 25th and the lot includes the original Apple I owners manual and a letter to the Apple I’s original owner, Fred Hatfiled, signed by Steve Jobs.

One unique characteristic of the Apple I being auctioned is Steve Wozniak’s signature on the motherboard. The Apple I has been cleaned up and brought into working condition, and while many Apple experts believe it will fetch it’s estimated value, it’s unlikely it will be sold for $640,000 like last year’s Apple I auction, so maybe your rich uncle can afford to buy it for you.

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